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Renton In The News

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12/28/2010 Washington Outlook: Factory production may outpace hiring in 2011, Puget Sound Business Journal
12/22/2010 Valley Medical Center receives 2010 Impact Award, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
12/17/2010 New I-405 onramp, offramp at Talbot Road in Renton to open, Renton Reporter
12/17/2010 Valley Medical Center in Renton marks its long history with Legacy Wall, Renton Reporter
12/15/2010 787 aside, Boeing’s success complicates new orders, Northwest Cable News
12/10/2010 Boeing makes “8,500” to mark milestone 737 order, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
12/9/2010 Community-based partnership in South King County to work to improve school achievement gap, Renton Reporter
12/7/2010 Renton’s Nishiwaki sister-city program wins state Peace Prize, Renton Reporter

11/29/2010 Paccar building highway trucks in Renton, Puget Sound Business Journal
11/20/2010 Mary Alice Heuschel named Superintendent of the Year, Seattle Times
11/18/2010 Renton households to get help cutting energy use with Home Energy Reports, Renton Reporter

10/26/2010 Boeing upgrades aim to cut 737 fuel use by 2 percent, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
10/7/2010 New Renton veteran housing will provide apartments for 100 homeless, Renton Reporter

9/30/2010 RTC president to represent Washington state in D.C., Renton Reporter
9/30/2010 Second TAF Academy may open in Renton next fall, Seattle Times
9/27/2010 Is Renton ahead of the recovery?  My
9/24/2010 Kenworth receives Green Manufacturing Award from Association of Washington Businesses,
9/23/2010 RHS Centennial: Spirit week at Renton as students prepare for Homecoming, game and parade Friday, Renton Reporter
9/22/2010 Boeing hiring, new Landing tenants good news for Renton economy, Renton Reporter 
9/21/2010 The Landing in Renton signs four stores, two restaurants, Seattle Times 
9/17/2010 Renton boat cruises next best thing since the dinner train, Renton Reporter 
9/16/2010 Boeing will push Renton’s 737 output still higher, Seattle Times 
9/16/2010 Museum exhibit showcasing Renton High School centennial kicks off this Wednesday, Renton Reporter 

8/26/2010 Valley Medical Center named among best places to work, Renton Reporter 
8/7/2010 Boeing sells second surplus lot in Renton, Seattle Times 
8/5/2010 International Festival coming to Renton Highlands, Renton Reporter 

7/31/2010 Seahawks: Big crowd watches as team opens training-camp practices, Renton Reporter 
7/31/2010 For unusual day trip, how about… Renton?, HeraldNet 
7/27/2010 Changes to Renton River Days make most successful year yet, Renton Reporter 
7/27/2010 KCLS unveils bookmobile, mobile computer lab in Renton, Renton Reporter 
7/23/2010 The Seahawks are coming: Training camp opens in Renton July 31 (where to use CurveCard), Renton Reporter 
7/19/2010 "I love Renton." At Farnborough, Boeing execs talk outsourcing and the future of Puget Sound, Seattle Times 
7/17/2010 Boeing’s workhorse 737 must confront new competitors, Seattle Times 
7/15/2010 737 to play major role in Boeing growth, according to company forecast, Renton Reporter 
7/15/2010 Habitat for Humanity to build 41 affordable townhomes in east Renton, Renton Reporter 
7/13/2010 Renton’s first-ever international festival is in August in the Highlands, Renton Reporter 
7/9/2010 Renton High yearbooks mark 100 years of childhood, Renton Reporter 
7/6/2010 Renton library upgrades kick-off KCLS summer reading program, Renton Reporter 
7/1/2010 Woman gives her birthday party to volunteer at a Renton park, Renton Reporter 

6/29/2010 Renton hosting the Miss Washington pageant, Renton Reporter 
6/28/2010 King County Council recognizes award-winning Renway, Renton Reporter 
6/15/2010 Boeing again increases production rate for Renton-built 737, Renton Reporter 
6/8/2010 Renton Historical Society honors developer who renovated old City Hall on Wells Avenue, Renton Reporter 
6/3/2010 Renton seeks applicants for Library Advisory Board, Renton Reporter 

5/29/2010 Valley Medical Center moves Critical Care Center to South Tower, Renton Reporter 
5/28/2010 Renway wins prestigious national boys and girls club award, Renton Reporter 
5/27/2010 Rockin’ June music calendar, live music in Renton all month, Renton Reporter 
5/19/2010 Renton Farmers Market opens soon, Renton Reporter 
5/19/2010 Boeing signs 40-year lease with Renton Airport, Renton Reporter 
5/18/2010 U.S. senator, local officials express hope, triumph over Hanson Dam funding, Kent Reporter 
5/18/2010 Boeing to increase 737 production, Renton Reporter 
5/6/2010 Renton’s Springbrook boardwalk receives Spotlight Award, Renton Reporter 

4/29/2010 Friends of Renton Schools Fund raises $200,000, Renton Reporter 
4/29/2010 Big changes to come to Renton libraries, Renton Reporter 
4/29/2010 Renton Civic Theater saves the Summer Teen Musical, Renton Reporter 
4/29/2010 Renton’s first indie craft and music festival, UnDisCoVerEd, Renton Reporter 
4/28/2010 Hundreds of suppliers, one Boeing 737 airplane, MSNBC 
4/26/2010 Bill Gates Sr. applauds Renton schools, pledges $10,000 to new fund, Renton Reporter 
4/26/2010 Renton High senior named one of 1,000 Gates scholars worldwide, Renton Reporter 
4/22/2010 Where to use Curve Card around Renton, Renton Reporter 
4/15/2010 Seahawks 12k draws about 2,000, Renton Reporter 
4/15/2010 Renton puts up real-estate kiosks to help ease sign clutter, Renton Reporter 
4/8/2010 Renton recording studio looks to get kids off the streets and lead others to do the same, Renton Reporter 
4/1/2010 New Life Church opens Renton’s largest venue, Renton Reporter 

3/30/2010 City ramps up its campaign with I am Google for Renton, Renton Reporter 
3/24/2010 Renton's only book store opens for business, Renton Reporter 
3/22/2010 KCLS presents new Renton-themed library card, Renton Reporter 
3/12/2010 Renton has 10 sites that meet FAA's requirement for new HQ, Renton Reporter 
3/12/2010 Renton wants help going after Google's fiber optic network, Renton Reporter 
3/9/2010 Boeing may lift jet output in 2011, Seattle Times
3/8/2010 Renton gathers diverse communities to share stories, learn about city services, Renton Reporter 
3/5/2010 CEO says Boeing committed to building 737s in Renton, 
3/5/2010 Downtown Renton library now open Sundays, Seattle Times 

2/25/2010 $1.5 million goal of school drive, Renton Reporter 
2/18/2010 Next Curve taps younger generation for community giving, Renton Reporter 
2/4/2010 Together is powerful word, Renton Reporter 
2/4/2010 Renton kicks off Heart Month, Renton Reporter 

1/29/2010 After 40 years of helping to keep Renton fit, Jerry Rerecich to retire, Renton Reporter 
1/28/2010 Boeing predicts smooth, profitable year, The Olympian 
1/28/2010 Work on I-405 in Renton could finish months early, Renton Reporter 
1/28/2010 Renton's successful CurveCard continues into 2010, Renton Reporter 
1/28/2010 New Renton school fund to help district maintain 'homerun' programs, Renton Reporter 
1/27/2010 Health: Renton Heart Month, 
1/14/2010 Community foundation to mark its 10th, Renton Reporter 
1/12/2010 Valley Medical's new Emergency Services Tower dedicated in Renton,