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Renton Gets “Charge Ready"

July 12, 2011

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Alex Pietsch, Community & Economic Development Administrator, 425-430-6592
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director, 425-430-6569

City Launches Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Network

EV Charging StationRenton, WA: It’s official: Renton’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Network is up and running. In a “Plug In” ceremony held on July 12, 2011, Mayor Denis Law unplugged an ECOtality’s Nissan LEAF from one of the newly installed blink charging stations in the City Center Garage. Participating in this inaugural event were city officials, ECOtality and Puget Sound Energy representatives, local auto dealers, business and community leaders and a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts. After a quick charge up demonstration a caravan of EV’s made its way down Logan Avenue to The Landing parking garage where additional blink charging stations have been installed. The roll-out of Renton’s electric vehicle charging stations is yet another example of its commitment to implementing clean economy strategies.

The Puget Sound region has been identified as a prime market for the introduction of electric vehicles by national automakers and the federal government. Working with local partners the city has been pursuing the installation of electric vehicle charging stations to make sure Renton has a network ready for visitors and residents.

“Renton plays an important part in the future of electric vehicles because of our location as a central transportation hub and regional stop for shopping, entertainment and recreation,” said Mayor Denis Law. “These charging stations from ECOtality and The EV Project are one way we can demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and insure that electric vehicle users know they are welcome here in Renton.”

The city plans to install a total of 15 stations throughout Renton by the end of this year. These first eight stations were made possible through the EV Project, a public-private partnership with the US Department of Energy, and ECOtality, a grant with ECOtality and the EV Project. Seven additional stations will be installed with funding from a Puget Sound Clean Air Agency grant.

Additionally, charging units are being installed at private residences and around the community at a variety of businesses for clients and customers. See the attached map of charging units now ready and those coming soon. Combined, this infrastructure represents a robust network of EV charging facilities.

“We want electric vehicle owners to know that if they live in, work in, or visit Renton, there are facilities in place to keep their vehicles fully charged and on the move,” added Law.

“We are thrilled to have worked with Renton and local businesses and institutions to add to the growing regional EV charging network. These are the first of many blink charging stations that Puget Sound EV drivers can expect to see throughout the area in the coming months,” said Rich Feldman, Regional Manager, ECOtality.

The electric vehicle “movement” and the related infrastructure investments are already catalyzing local economic development initiatives. Local auto dealers, who carry electric vehicles, Younker Nissan, and Good Chevrolet, are anticipating sales increases once inventory of the Nissan LEAFS and Chevy Volts are available.

“We applaud Renton for its leadership in Washington’s transportation and eco-friendly future,” said Jimmy Church, General Manager/Owner, Younker Nissan. “More and more people want sustainable transportation options and together we are going to be able to provide this opportunity for them.”

For more information on the Renton Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network visit or call 425-430-6582.

For more information on The EV Project visit or call Dan O’Shea 206-920-1477.

Renton Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network Map

If you are with the media and would like to request video footage of the event, please contact Preeti Shridhar by email or at 425-430-6569.