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July 20, 2011

For more information contact:
Chuck DeSmith
, Lieutenant 425 430-7103
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

Renton Fire & Emergency Services Hones First Responder Skills in Mass Casualty Drill

Renton, WA — If you visit Renton, in the area of 200 Mill Avenue South or have business in the 200 Mill Building on July 27, 28 or 29, 2011, you can expect to see emergency vehicles and responders from a number of different agencies gathered there. The Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department, working with the Renton Police Department, is staging a mass casualty drill on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to test the skills of first responders to handle an incident involving a number of injured people in a single incident.

“This type of training is required and important for fire, police and emergency medical responders to have,” said Mark Peterson, Fire and Emergency Services Administrator. “Something like this can happen anywhere and at any time, so it is important for us to be prepared and able to work together efficiently and effectively."

The drill will be held between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. each day and will center around an office violence scenario. The majority of the training activity will occur primarily inside the building in the lobby and on selected floors. Holding the drill over three consecutive days enables the city departments and other partnering agencies to send different crews for each session without severely impacting the operation capabilities and coverage.

Besides Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department, firefighters from Valley Regional Fire Authority, King County Fire District 20 and Tukwila along with EMS providers from Tri Med Ambulance and Medic One will be participating. Dispatchers from Valley Communications will also take part in the drills. Numerous citizen volunteers have been recruited to pose as patients and will be outfitted with moulage and make-up to simulate injuries for training purposes.

Renton Fire & Emergency Services, like other emergency response agencies in the area, responds to all types of emergencies. When the incident requires more resources than the department is able to handle on its own an automatic aid agreement kicks in that allows neighboring agencies to help out. Practiced drills help prepare all emergency responders to provide the highest level of care while making the process seamless.

For questions or more information about this drill or services the department provides visit or call 425-430-7000.