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City to Suspend Further Action on Search Warrant

Police to Continue Internal Investigation

Date: August 11, 2011

For more information contact:

Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569
Larry Warren, City Attorney, 425-430-6480   

Statement from Chief Administrative Officer Jay Covington

RENTON – There has been no relevant information that we have uncovered to date on the Cyberstalking case to further a criminal investigation. As a result we have decided to forego any further action on the search warrant.

As we stated earlier, we believe that the person who created and posted these videos is a current police officer. This case is now about harassment and discrimination, and it is our duty to protect those who might have been harassed. It is our responsibility to prevent a hostile work environment and we will continue to conduct an internal investigation.

We’d also like to emphasize that most of the allegations and stories depicted in the videos are fabricated, not true, officers were exonerated, or the videos depict rumors that date back over 20 years. Where merited, appropriate action was taken.

Let me also assure you that this does not have anything to do with violating first amendment rights. We are committed to protecting free speech and the rights of any individual to express their opinions.

Our primary responsibility is to the citizens of Renton. It is our goal to continue to ensure that we are serving the citizens of Renton and that our officers are acting within the law and following the policies of our department.