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Renton Helps Participating Local Residents Save More than $21 per household on their Energy Bills

September 29, 2011

For more information contact:
Alex Pietsch
, Community & Economic Development Administrator, 425-430-6592
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director, 425-430-6569

Renton, in partnership with six other East King County cities, use ARRA funds to send residents home energy reports; seven-city program generated more than $1 million in energy savings in 11 months.

Renton, Wash. – The City of Renton today announced that local participating residents have saved more than $269,000 combined on their Puget Sound Energy utility bills, including 1,500 MWh of electricity and 79,841 Therms of natural gas, since the launch of the Home Energy Reporting program in October 2010. For an individual household, that is an average savings of $12.79 for electricity and $8.60 for natural gas. This savings is the equivalent of taking nearly 125 homes off the grid for a full year.

The program was implemented in partnership with the C-7 New Energy Partnership, comprised of seven cities in King County. The C-7 New Energy Partnership is comprised of the cities of Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond, Renton and Sammamish. The local Home Energy Report program was funded by a federal energy-efficiency and conservation block grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. The program provides residents with reports that help them better understand their individual energy use, while offering personalized suggestions on how to save energy and money. Since the launch of the C-7 program, approximately 90,000 participating households have reduced energy use by 1.6 percent in aggregate, resulting in more than $1 million in energy cost savings and reducing carbon (CO2) emissions by more than 5.2 million pounds.

“Energy efficiency is widely considered one of the most attainable ways of conserving natural resources while delivering significant financial savings,” said Mayor Denis Law. “Our residents care about energy efficiency; they simply need better tools to help them understand how they’re doing and what they can be doing better.”

The C-7 cities and PSE joined forces to ensure residents had the tools and information needed to start saving energy. Residents received their personalized Home Energy Reports in the mail every two months for one year to help raise awareness and measure the energy savings achieved.”

The reports, which customers can opt out of, provide residents insightful information on their individual electricity and natural gas use, including:

  • Progress Trackers: Residents can see how their energy use changes over time, enabling them to set targets for energy savings and track the effectiveness of any energy-reducing steps they make.
  • Personalized Energy Efficiency Tips: Each report provides tips chosen specifically for each household based on its energy use and the characteristics of the home.
  • Comparison to neighbors: Residents are able to see how their electricity and natural gas use compares to the aggregate usage of anonymous customers in similar-sized homes. Only the customer’s own detailed energy information is included, ensuring privacy.
  • High-Bill Alerts: Residents can request a text message or email halfway through the month that alerts them of potentially high electric bills, with tips on how to avoid them.

“Renton residents have embraced the Home Energy Reports,” said Alex Pietsch, administrator of the City’s Department of Community & Economic Development. “The reports are optional, yet only one half of one percent of the recipients have opted out of the program. That, combined with the incredible amount of energy home owners have saved demonstrates the success of this program.”

About the C-7 New Energy Partnership

Seven neighboring cities in King County, Washington have formed the C-7 New Energy Partnership: Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond, Renton, and Sammamish. Together, we develop ideas and seek funding for projects in which the C-7 geography, our shared goals and challenges, and our history of successful collaboration allow us to achieve superior outcomes for our communities.

About Puget Sound Energy

Washington State’s oldest local energy utility, Puget Sound Energy (PSE), serves more than 1 million electric customers and 750,000 natural gas customers in 11 counties. A subsidiary of Puget Energy, PSE meets the energy needs of its customers through incremental, cost-effective energy efficiency; procurement of sustainable energy resources; and far-sighted investment in the energy-delivery infrastructure. PSE employees are dedicated to providing great customer service and delivering energy that is safe, dependable and efficient. For more information, visit