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12/30/2011 Project Road Map calls for stronger education systems in South King County, Renton Reporter
12/29/2011 Tough times still ahead but so are brighter days in Renton, Renton Reporter
12/28/2011 Valley Medical Center trustee board now complete, Renton Reporter
12/27/2011 Pay-to-use HOV lanes in King County turning a profit, Seattle Times
12/16/2011 Boeing (Renton) delivers its 7,000th 737, Renton Reporter
12/13/2011 Southwest orders 208 Boeing 737s valued at $19 billion, Seattle Times
12/7/2011 Big day at Boeing: Contract flies, Seattle Times
12/5/2011 Boeing rolls out first 737 at 35-plane production rate, Renton Reporter
12/1/2011 Universal praise for decision to build 737 MAX in Renton, Renton Reporter



11/30/2011 Boeing to build the 737 MAX in Renton, Renton Reporter
11/29/2011 Renton welcomes the mother of all washing machines at Service Linen, Renton Reporter
11/28/2011 State ecology department approves Renton’s shorelines update, Renton Reporter
11/22/2011 All eyes now turned to 737 future for Boeing in Renton, Renton Reporter
11/18/2011 Renton Reporter launches Green Editions, view the newspaper online, Renton Reporter
11/18/2011 BECU opens new Neighborhood Financial Center on Benson Hill in Renton, Renton Reporter
11/17/2011 An historic order for Boeing, Renton: up to 380 737s, including MAX, worth $35.7 billion! Renton Reporter
11/17/2011 Congress funds RapidRide line to serve Renton, Tukwila and Burien, Renton Reporter
11/17/2011 New geographic districts for King County Council members approved, Renton Reporter
11/17/2011 Northwest Kidney Centers open new clinic in Renton, Renton Reporter
11/17/2011 We must go after the 737 MAX for state, Gov. Gregoire, Renton Reporter
11/9/2011 Navy orders seven more Renton-built Poseidon’s worth $1.7 billion, Renton Reporter
11/9/2011 Renton Chamber of Commerce gets $175,000 for new headquarters and visitors center, Renton Reporter
11/9/2011 Roodman to step down as hospital district superintendent, Renton Reporter
11/3/2011 Pro-Flight Aviation helps fuel multibillion-dollar economic engine at Renton airport, Renton Reporter



9/29/2011 Renton-built P-8I makes its first flight, Renton Reporter
9/26/2011 Renton dedicates Jamal Crawford Court at Liberty Park, Renton Reporter
9/22/2011 It’s been his honor, says retiring City Council member King Parker, to serve the Renton community, Renton Reporter
9/20/2011 Cedar River Hatchery dedication the start of what many hope boosts future sockeye populations, Seattle Times
9/15/2011 Cities mark opening of SCORE jail, Renton Reporter
9/7/2011 Valley Medical Center a ‘best place to work’, Renton Reporter
9/7/2011 KCLS director ready to bring his vision for libraries to Renton, Renton Reporter

8/30/2011 Boeing commits to new engine for 737, Seattle Times
8/25/2011 Delta orders 100 Renton-built 737-900ERs worth $8.5 billion,
8/22/2011 Work under way to build out South Tower at Valley Medical, Renton Reporter
8/18/2011 International Festival celebrates diversity in Renton, Renton Reporter
8/11/2011 An American landscape in Renton in green and blue.  Go Seahawks!, Renton Reporter

7/25/2011 Seattle Seahawks to report to training camp on Wednesday, Renton Reporter
7/21/2011 First Poseidon takes flight from Renton Municipal Airport, Renton Reporter
7/21/2011 TV personality Meeghan Black of Renton is grand marshal for River Day’s parade, Renton Reporter
7/20/2011 Renton cheers as biggest order ever includes 737 with new engine, Renton Reporter
7/14/2011 Renton unveils new electric car charging stations, Renton Reporter
7/14/2011 New trail links south end of Lake Washington, Renton Reporter
7/14/2011  Valley Medical Center voted best place to work, Renton Reporter
7/7/2011 July 4th draws thousands to Coulon beach in Renton, Renton Reporter

6/16/2011 Boeing foresees $4 trillion market for new planes during next 20 years, Renton Reporter
6/16/2011 Vacant land in the Highlands becomes place to grow and learn, Renton Reporter
6/15/2011 Boeing aims to build two 737s every workday by 2014, Seattle Times
6/9/2011 Valley Medical, UW Medicine to form alliance, following regents’ approval, Renton Reporter
6/9/2011 Garbage trucks go green in Renton, Renton Reporter

5/25/2011  Walk a pocket of wild wetland not far from IKEA, Seattle Times
5/23/2011 Valley Medical board approves strategic alliance with UW Medicine, Renton Reporter
5/20/2011 SIFF-Renton kicks off with a road trip, big party Friday night, Renton Reporter
5/19/2011 Seattle International Film Festival kicks off seven nights of films at IKEA Performing Arts Center, Renton Reporter
5/18/2011 Gregoire announces $3 million available for aerospace training, Renton Reporter
5/16/2011 Boeing will add 1,200 workers in Renton over two years, Seattle Times
5/9/2011 Launching Lifetime Learning benefit breakfast raises $180,000 for Renton schools, Renton Reporter
5/8/2011 Renton High Centennial: Hundreds celebrate alma mater’s 100th anniversary, Renton Reporter
5/5/2011 Combat Paper one of organization’s at Saturday’s Spring Festival at the Piazza, Renton Reporter
5/2/2011 Best of Both Worlds: Mixed-use areas meld neighborhoods and business, 425 Magazine

4/29/2011 Renton readers put KCLS over the top as biggest library system in nation, Renton Reporter
4/21/2011 Valley Medical Center to expand Birth Center in Renton, Renton Reporter
4/21/2011 Renton High Centennial dinner to honor 22 outstanding alumni, Renton Reporter
4/14/2011 Renton gets grant for Benson community, Renton Reporter
4/11/2011 3,000 participate in the Seahawks 12K run at The Landing, Renton Reporter

3/31/2011 Sunset redevelopment to boost Highlands, Renton Reporter
3/17/2011 Renton survives worst recession in decades, says Mayor Law in State of the City, Renton Reporter
3/22/2011 First Poseidon in final production, Renton Reporter
3/9/2011 Boeing adds Renton space for 737 boost, Puget Sound Business Journal
3/8/2011 Renton, KCLS select sites for two new branch libraries, Renton Reporter
3/4/2011 UW alliance called growth opportunity for Renton’s Valley Medical Center, Renton Reporter
3/1/2011 Boeing’s 737 production increase to mean about 1,200 new jobs in Renton, Renton Reporter

2/28/2011 Elections office to move back to Renton in June, Renton Reporter
2/25/2011 Renton is state’s ninth-largest city with 90,927 people, Renton Reporter
2/18/2011 Renton to host Seattle International Film Festival in May, Renton Reporter
2/18/2011 New adviser named for Renton Small Business Development Center, Renton Reporter
2/14/2011 Valley Medical Center to start a farmers market, Renton Reporter
2/14/2011 KCLS getting ready for Take Time to Read campaign, Renton Reporter
2/10/2011 Grants available to arts, cultural organizations through Renton arts commission, Renton Reporter
2/3/2011 Renton library cluster manager recognized nationally for service to libraries and patrons, Renton Reporter
2/2/2011 Commune with Lake Washington at Gene Coulon Park, Seattle Times

1/25/2011 Alaska Airlines maintains all-Boeing fleet with $1.3 billion 737 order, Renton Reporter
1/20/2011 Diversification, hard work carrying Renton through tough times, Renton Reporter
1/19/2011 China gives final approval to order for 185 737s worth $15 billion, Renton Reporter
1/18/2011 Valley Medical, UW Medicine to explore strategic alliance, Renton Reporter
1/13/2011 Renton Technical College a prescription for Washington’s economy, Renton Reporter
1/13/2011 Lakeridge receives an ‘MVP Award,’ Renton Reporter
1/11/2011 Rep. Maxwell elected deputy House majority leader; to focus on education and opportunity, Renton Reporter
1/8/2011 Seahawks upset Super Bowl Champs 41-36, Seattle Times
1/8/2011 Seahawks fans pump up themselves, team at Renton City Hall rally, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1/6/2011 Boeing wins $1.6 billion contract for P-8A Poseidons, Seattle PI
1/6/2011 Boeing jet sales bounce back in 2010, ensuring new jobs, Seattle Times
1/6/2011 Renton’s school superintendent Mary Alice Heuschel finalist for national honor, Seattle Times
1/2/2011 Seahawks defeat Rams 16-6 to win NFC West Title, Seattle Times