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City of Renton requires permits for persons operating as peddlers

April 24, 2017
For information contact

Jan Hawn, Administrative Services Administrator, 425-430-6858
Preeti Shridhar, Deputy Public Affairs Administrator, 425-430-6569

City of Renton requires permits for persons operating as peddlers
Badge can be obtained through Finance Department and must be displayed when peddling 

RENTON, WA ¬ The City of Renton requires all persons peddling goods or services within city limits to properly display a Peddlers Badge obtained from the city’s Finance Department. 

The badge must be visible when canvassing an area and will have the person’s picture, name, permit number, expiration date, and city seal on one side. On the reverse, it will have City of Renton Ordinance No. 4752 and the signature of the city employee issuing the permit. Peddlers are allowed to operate between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

Peddler permits are covered under Title V, Chapter 20 of the city code. The code covers persons going from house-to-house or place-to-place, indiscriminately approaching individuals, selling or offering sale of goods/merchandise in a place not used by such person as a permanent place of business, or the distribution of samples or contracts for future delivery of goods (vendors are okay when they call on wholesale or retail establishments). 

The following persons are exempt from the permit requirements and fee provisions: 

  1. Farmers who peddle agricultural, horticultural, or farm products which they have actually grown, harvested or produced; 
  2. Any person who is specifically requested to call upon others for the purpose of displaying goods, literature or giving information about any article, service or product; 
  3. Charitable, religious or non-profit organizations or corporations which have received tax exempt status under 26 U.S. C. 501( c) ( 3) or other similar civic, charitable or non-profit organizations; and 
  4. Newspaper carriers.

The city’s Finance Department issues peddler permits, which cost $75. All applicants must undergo a background investigation by the police department, which takes time. The permit is valid for the calendar year issued.

 Peddler Permit Front         Peddler Permit_back3

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