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City of Renton Urges Residents, Businesses to Prepare for Emergencies

Katrina Anniversary Serves as Reminder to Get Ready Now

On the eve of the first anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina, city officials highlight Renton's emergency preparedness programs and urge residents and business to be prepared.

"As we remember the victims of Katrina, we are reminded that we are susceptible to any number of natural or man-made disasters. These include earthquake, fire, flood or other technical disaster. We need to take action now and be prepared to keep our homes safe and maintain the economic viability of our community," said Renton Mayor Kathy Keolker.

During the hours or extreme cases, days after a major incident, City services will be stretched to their limits and resources will be directed to locations where the need is the greatest.

So, what can homeowners and businesses do? Taking action now by creating an emergency preparedness plan can help in the event of an emergency or disaster. Here are steps that can help everybody prepare for a disaster.

  • Assemble a Disaster Supply Kit
  • Determine a central contact (preferably out of state)
  • Learn CPR and First Aid
  • Determine a central meeting point outside your home
  • Find out how to shut off the water, gas and electricity
  • Attend an Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness Class
  • Develop a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Avoid Chimney Related Hazards

During a disaster such as a major windstorm, flooding, or earthquake, all the official radio communication channels within the City could potentially be jammed with emergency traffic. Recognizing the uncertain nature of emergency communications, the Renton Fire Department coordinates a group of amateur radio operators that help the City during emergencies.

Other Resources

  • Read the Disaster Preparation Handbook published by the Washington State Emergency Management Division and the Department of Health.
  • Visit King County's Personal Preparedness Website to learn how to develop a family disaster plan, what to include in your disaster kit, and what is needed to shelter-in-place. Whether it be at home, school, work, or when you're outside, Be Prepared! This information is also available in Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese.
    Look for additional emergency-related information at the Washington State Department of Emergency Management. is a common sense framework designed to launch a process of learning about citizen preparedness. One of the primary mandates of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is to educate the public, on a continuing basis, about how to be prepared in case of a national emergency.
  • Washington Emergency Management has established a website for disaster information that will provide timely information when the State Emergency Operations Center is activated. You can contact them at WA Disaster News

"We also encourage you to visit our web-site at click on the emergency management resource page," said Fire Chief Daniels. "We have provided a clear and easy way to assist the community to take action today. It is also very important that citizens practice elements of their plan to make sure the entire family is familiar with them. This could be as simple as testing emergency phone numbers to camping out in the back yard for a weekend to ensure that the inventory of emergency supplies is sufficient."

If you are interested in obtaining any booklets or specific information, please contact the fire department at 425.430.7000 or email the fire department.