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Other Benefits

Other Benefits

Credit Union

An independent employee credit union, Qualstar, provides a full range of services to City employees. 

Hours of Work

The normal work week is 40 hours, Monday through Friday. Some positions require working weekends, shifts, holidays or overtime.  Flexible work schedules are available in many departments.

Longevity Incentive Pay

Unless otherwise specified in the applicable labor agreement, regular employees are entitled to receive longevity incentive pay at the completion of 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of continuous service.  Longevity incentive pay is established by the City Council, unless otherwise specified in the applicable labor agreement.  The Chief Administrative Officer, Administrators, Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs are not eligible for longevity incentive pay.


The City of Renton pays employees on the tenth and the twenty-fifth of each month (24 pay periods each year).  Paychecks are deposited directly to the employee's checking or savings account. City of Renton employees can access their electronic pay stubs online on the Employee Services site. Employees are able to view their own information that is currently on file. Employees will need to create a user name and password to access the site which is located on the internal SharePoint site in the Quick Links column on the right or at Use this Quick Reference Guide to Employee Services for assistance