Neighborhood Program Grant Opportunities

Contact Information
Rhemy King
Neighborhood Program Coordinator
Renton, WA 98057

The City of Renton Neighborhood Program provides matching grant funds to help participating neighborhood organizations organize and implement a wide variety of neighborhood enhancement projects and events. Each year the Neighborhood Program awards over $70,000 in grant funds for qualifying events and projects that improve the quality of life for all residents within the surrounding community.

If you are interested in learning more about the City of Renton Neighborhood Grant Program please email Rhemy King, Neighborhood Program Coordinator, at [email protected] to schedule an online webinar meeting.

Check out some of our previous neighborhood grant projects and events some of our neighborhoods organized last year!

Grant Eligibility

Neighborhood Event Grant funding is awarded to:

  • Recognized Renton neighborhoods that draw members from a commonly recognized geographic neighborhood within Renton city limit

  • Resident community group of volunteers who belong to a newly forming organization tied to a community area (10 or more volunteers required to be recognized)

What type of projects can receive grant funding?

Grant funds are dedicated to projects and events that accomplish the following:

  • Build neighborhood or community capacity

  • Inspire community connections

  • Enhance playability, walkability or connectivity within neighborhoods

  • Improve accessibility to open space or green areas

  • Advance arts and culture in the community

  • Promote and encourage beautification, cleanliness and naturalization

  • Create places for communities to gather

  • Improve safety

Project ideas include:

  • Enhance a community park or playground

  • Create a mural or art based structure

  • Plant a community garden

  • Restore a natural resource or green space area

  • Organize a neighborhood recreation activity or event

  • Coordinate a community workshop

  • Beautify a neighborhood common area or right-of-way

  • Organize a neighborhood holiday or multicultural celebration

Funding not supported

  • Staffing costs (note: funding can be used to support funding professional services or professional consultation services when the volunteer group do not have expertise necessary to support the project)

  • Purchase of equipment  unless the community group can demonstrate that equipment is required for the projects continued success

  • Reimburse organizations operating expenses not directly linked to the awarded project

  • Pay for expenses or financial commitments made prior to grant approval

  • Cover alcohol, tobacco or gambling expenses

  • Political or community issue campaigning or lobbying

  • Purchase land or building

  • Pay for travel or accommodation expenses

How to Apply

Simply click here to access the City of Renton Neighborhood Program grant application. You can apply for the following grant opportunities:

Neighborhood Projects: Up to $5,000 for neighborhood projects that improve the quality of life for the neighborhood and all city residents. The project should incorporate neighborhood volunteers in the planning and implementation. Applicants will be asked to give an informal grant for all projects. 

Neighborhood Communication: Up to $500 to produce communication or design material that assists with fostering neighborhood communication and establishing community identity.

Neighborhood Event: Up to $1,000 to organize and implement a neighborhood event  that allows for residents to celebrate their community and establish long last relationships. Applicants may apply for one single event, or multiple events, as long as the total costs do not exceed the $1,000 max award.

All of these can be submitted via the one "Project" Application form linked above.


Criteria and Guidelines

The project must meet these criteria:

  • Open and inclusive to the entire community

  • Within the City of Renton

  • Adhere to municipal, state, and federal regulatory compliance standards (i.e. standards for playgrounds, building codes)

  • Clearly demonstrates:

    • Neighborhood community support

    • Neighborhood community benefit

    • Community matching effort (sweat equity)

    • Unique and creative vision

    • How the project will be completed

Letters of Support

Depending on the project, applicants may be asked to submit letters of support or a pledge sheet from outside the applicant group with signatures, contact information, and addresses to demonstrate the support and interest in the project. Letters can be from local community or neighborhood groups, businesses, community stakeholders, and residents living in the neighborhood impacted by the project.

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