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Last update: March 25, 2022

The Houser Way Intersection & Pedestrian Improvements Project began in fall 2020 and ended in spring 2022 in coordination with the Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S Conversion Project. The project enhanced safety for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing at the intersections of Houser Way S at Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S. The project constructed new curb, gutter and sidewalk (including curb extensions), and ADA improvements on Houser Way at Williams Ave S and Wells Ave S and installed a new 12” water main in an existing casing on Williams Ave S under the BNSF railroad tracks.

We have the latest updates on other construction projects in downtown Renton online.

How has the project upgraded downtown Renton?

  • Installed new sidewalks and crossing improvements to increase pedestrian mobility and safety while enhancing the street environment.

  • New, permanent all-way stops on Houser Way S at Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S. 

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What to Expect

The project paved both intersections on Houser Ave S at Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S.


Looking up Houser tracks

We installed electrical utility improvements at the intersections of Houser Ave S at Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S.

Photo of work on Houser Way

We plan to pour the sidewalk on Houser Ave S at Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S next. There is an ongoing concrete strike, so this work is contingent on the concrete supply as well as weather dependent.

In the meantime, we installed temporary asphalt sidewalk for a better pedestrian experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have suggestions for how to improve the temporary pedestrian access.


Newly paved intersection

  • Typical works hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. We may work after 5 p.m. and on weekends to help minimize impacts.

  • Single-lane of through traffic: Our intent is to maintain at least one lane of traffic on Wells Ave S, Williams Ave S, and Houser Way S. Noise, dust, and vibration 

  • Pedestrian access: We plan to maintain access to businesses’ front doors during business hours with temporary asphalt and potentially pedestrian ramps.

  • Parking restrictions: There may be some on-street parking restrictions near work zones. Check out the free parking options.

Free parking downtown

  • We are trying to minimize parking impacts as much as possible.

  • The City Center Parking Garage on S 2nd St offers free parking for access to downtown businesses through June of this year and can also be used by residents during construction. The garage is accessible between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

  • Overnight parking is allowed during our construction efforts, but please note that all garage doors are locked outside of these hours.

  • There are several public parking lots downtown that offer up to 2 hours of free parking and convenient access to downtown businesses. For more information about places to park downtown, please check out the City’s Downtown Parking Map.

Funding Sources

The city was awarded a TIB Complete Streets grant in the amount of $500,000 in 2019.

Downtown Renton business support during COVID-19

Renton small businesses felt pressure from COVID-19 as they navigated unknown waters. To support them, we provided construction updates in coordination with the Wells-Williams Conversion Project and Downtown Utility Improvement Project. A construction hotline was operated during business hours to answer questions or hear concerns about construction. Bi-weekly office hours were also offered via Zoom if businesses and residents preferred to digitally speak one-on-one.

The City Center Parking Garage’s free parking hours were also extended throughout the duration of construction and signage was added around downtown Renton to make it easier to find.

Title VI Civil Rights

The City of Renton hereby gives public notice that it is the City's policy to assure full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. Title VI requires that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, sex, or national origin be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any Federal Aid Highway program or other activity for which the City of Renton receives Federal financial assistance.

Any person who believes they have been aggrieved by an unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI has a right to file a formal complaint with the City of Renton. Any such complaint must be in writing and filed with the City of Renton Human Resources within one hundred, eighty (180) days following the date of the alleged discriminatory occurrence. Title VI Discrimination Complaint Forms may be obtained from the City's website ( or from the Human Resources office at no cost to the complainant by calling (425) 430-7655.

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