Bicycle Theft Prevention

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Bikes are valuable, portable and easy to resell, making them attractive to thieves. By taking some precautions, you can lower the odds that you’ll be the victim of a stolen bike.

Bicycle Theft Prevention Tips

Properly Lock Your Bicycle

  • Do not leave bikes locked outside overnight if it can be avoided.

  • When your bike is at home, store it in a secured area.

  • Secure your bike to a rack or solid object—both the wheels and frames.

  • Solid-steel U-Locks are recommended. These are difficult to cut when secured properly.

  • If you use a flexible lock, it should be at least 3/8” in diameter.

There is no locking method that is 100% foolproof. With time and tools, a thief can defeat your lock. Bikes left at racks overnight are particularly vulnerable. Bring your bicycle indoors or lock it in your garage whenever possible.

Document Your Bicycle

  • Take photos of your bike and write down the serial number.

  • Consider registering your bike online through national registries such as or

How to Report a Stolen Bicycle

  • Report online at

  • If bike is valued over $2000 and/or you have a serial number, call 911 or non-emergency at 425-235-2121.

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