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Lori Fleming
Human Services Coordinator
Renton, WA 98057

Human Services Funders Collaborative (HSFC)

The City of Renton Human Services Division is a member of the Human Service Funders Collaborative. This online alliance coordinates human services funding between 16 North, East, and South King County municipalities. All participating cities use one portal called Share1App hosted by the City of Redmond. Share1App provides a centralized database to streamline applications, invoicing, and reporting for the funding cities and agencies receiving funding.

Grant Funding Process

  • Apply: Every two years agencies apply via the Share1App.
  • Review: Applications are reviewed by the City of Renton's Human Services Advisory Committee. After an extensive review, rating recommendations of amounts to be awarded to specific applicants are recommended to Council/Mayor for approval.
  • Contract: Two-year contracts are executed by the City and funded agency.
  • Report: Quarterly invoicing and program impact are required. Agencies provide number of Renton residents served, service units provided, and demographics of clients served.

Renton has the following six priority areas for funding:

  • Basic Needs
    Includes food, clothing, housing stability services (such as rent and/or utility assistance), legal services, meal programs, and case management/barrier removal.
  • Connector Services
    Includes information and referral, transportation, cultural navigators, and other services that connect residents to services.
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Services
    All services related to sexual assault and domestic violence, including legal assistance and shelter.
  • Economic Opportunity/Self Sufficiency
    Includes job training; programs that help those with barriers to employment or other forms of economic opportunity that can improve, prevent, or reduce needs for social service and housing supports; youth programs; mentoring; and after school programs.
  • Health and Wellness
    Includes physical, mental, and dental health services, counseling, day health programs, and chore services.
  • Homeless Services/Housing
    Includes shelters, homeless outreach, transitional housing, and emergency housing.

2021-2022 Human Services Funding Allocations
Renton had $562,000 available annually for 2021-2022 agency programs serving Renton residents. 87 applications were received requesting over $1.4 million, with 51 programs awarded funding.

Renton 2021-2022 Human Services Funding Award List

2023-2024 Human Services Funding Allocations

Renton had $812,000 available annually for 2023-2024 agency programs serving Renton residents. 91 applications were received requesting over $1.8 million, with 64 programs awarded funding.

Renton 2023-2024 Human Services Funding Award List

The next human services funding application cycle will be for 2025-2026 funding with applications due in Share1App in spring of 2024.

Resources for Agencies:
Determining Renton Residency
COR Maps
Share1App Guidelines


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