Capital Improvement Projects

2019 Airport Projects

Master Plan Update

An airport master plan is a comprehensive study of an airport and usually describes the short-, medium-, and long-term development plans to meet future aviation demand. A master plan update is completed every five years as a way to ensure that the master plan is kept current in order to meet those needs. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is providing 90% of the funding for this project, which will take three years to complete.

Click to go to the Airport Master Plan brochureThe city's consultant, Mead Hunt, began work on the master plan in August 2014 and has provided a brochure explaining the process. 

Airport staff and Mead & Hunt are continuing work on the Landside Alternatives section of the Alternatives Chapter of the Master Plan, and are nearing completion of this chapter. The next step is already underway and involves development of a financial plan to fund land acquisition and/or development of the Runway Safety Area.  

Project Budget: $837,705 (2015)
Funding Source: 90% FAA Grant / 10% Airport Leasehold Revenue
Start: September 2014
Expected Completion: December 2019
Status: selecting a Preferred Landside Alternative (May 2019)

Airport Tower Seismic Retrofit and Administration Office Renovation

Renton Municipal Airport control towerThe control tower, built in 1961, received a seismic inspection that showed, without seismic retrofitting, the building will collapse on itself. The seismic retrofit project will add stabilizing beams to the exterior corners of the building, attached to each floor, that will hold the building during an earthquake.

The administration office, established in 1989, is undersized for the number of full time staff and visitors. During Phase II of construction, the first floor of the tower will be gutted and remodeled to accommodate additional staffing and add an educational aviation-themed visitors lobby.

  • Project Budget: $2.8million (2019)
  • Funding Source: 100% Airport Leasehold Revenue
  • Start: August 2015
  • Expected Completion: Fall 2019
  • Status: Construction Pre-bid Walk-thru, Friday, March 8, 10:00am

Shoreline Mitigation

Renton Airport shoreline mitigation projectThis is the second phase of the 2013-2014 Seaplane Base Dredging & Shoreline Mitigation project. It will add rip-rap along the runway end edge adjacent to the seaplane launch ramp to prevent continued erosion of the shoreline.

  • Budget: $563,000
  • Funding: 100% Airport Leasehold Revenue
  • Start: December 2020
  • Expected Completion:  February 2021
  • Status: Pre-design phase

Future Projects

Taxiway Alpha Rehabilitation

Cracked asphalt on Taxiway AlphaTaxiway Alpha is the major parallel taxiway that supports all GA aircraft operations and Boeing 737s towed between the B ramp and C ramp on the west side of the field.

The existing pavement is showing stress, cracking, and rutting. This project includes a major reconstruction of the entirety of the taxiway and will include an LED lighting upgrade, infield drainage improvements, and painting.

  • Budget: ± $25,000,000
  • Funding: 90% FAA Grant / 10% Airport Leasehold Revenue
  • Start: Spring 2021
  • Expected Completion: 2023
  • Status: Pending funding

City Projects off-Airport

Non-City Projects

  • None scheduled in 2019

Past Projects

2016 - Airport Gate System Upgrade; $21,000
2014  -820 Building Demolition; $450,000
2014-2015 Wildlife Hazard Assessment; $43,000
2013-2015 Lower Blast Fence; $1.4million
2012-2015 Aerospace Training Center; $1.6million
2011-2015 Taxiway Bravo Rehabilitation; $10.4million
2006-2015 Seaplane Base Dredging; $974,000

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