Welcoming Week

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Welcoming Week - Day 1

Day 1 / September 8

Welcoming Week is a free and week-long celebration that builds strong community support, highlights the benefits of an inclusive society, and deepens each city’s commitment to creating places that welcome everyone, including immigrants and refugees. Welcoming Week provides a perfect opportunity to underscore the vitality and diversity that refugees and immigrants bring to every community in America. No matter where we are from, or the struggles we’ve endured to get here, we all have an important role to play in the communities where we live now.

As we continue to embrace inclusiveness, equity, and economic opportunity for all, Welcoming Week has brought neighbors together to celebrate the positive work we do daily throughout our city to ensure we all belong and thrive, no matter where we come from. Renton has a long history of welcoming refugees and immigrants and making resources available to newcomers and their families. Immigrants and refugees continue to help make our city a great place to live by bringing innovative thinking, diverse perspectives, and rich culture that adds depth to the fabric of our city.


Welcoming Week - Day 2

Day 2 / September 9

Civic Engagement Today we highlight ways for Rentonians to become civically engaged and increase their community’s awareness of local government events and projects. We work with different community groups and established the Mayor’s Inclusion Task Force in 2014. These strong and effective delegates from a wide array of cultural backgrounds actively partner with the City to bring opportunities back to their respective communities to provide input on city policy and planning. This increases our communication efforts and our understanding of the diverse needs of different cultures within Renton.

Interested in serving on a board or commission? Find more information online.


Welcoming Week - Day 3

Day 3 / September 10

Connected Communities By creating bridges between families from diverse backgrounds and the community organizations that serve them, we see stronger and more inclusive communities. The City of Renton’s Neighborhood Program promotes civic involvement by strengthening partnerships between city leadership and residents. We continue to enhance the Neighborhood Program with involvement and outreach to recognized neighborhood councils and other organized groups with the shared goal of improving the quality of life in all our neighborhoods. Visit one of our summer Neighborhood BBQs or participate in year-round initiatives.

For further information on our City of Renton Neighborhood Program, visit: rentonwa.gov/neighborhoods.


Welcoming Week - Day 4

Day 4 / September 11

Economic Development Today we celebrate Economic Development Day. As part of our core business plan goals, we believe Renton can be the most innovative and equitable city to build a business or career. Our economic strength is rooted in the diversity of our economy and the ingenuity of our workforce. Businesses, small and large, thrive in Renton, as do the people who call this city home. Our Economic Development team is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who help drive our economy and are the connective tissue of our social fabric. The city provides tailored business assistance through our own advocates and valued community partners, from information on obtaining a business license to locating additional space for an existing business… or even one-on-one counseling to help a business grow, the City of Renton team provides services to our local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Check out our Economic Development Division, or sign up for our Economic Development newsletter.


Welcoming Week - Day 5

Day 5 / September 12

Education Today, we celebrate public education and honor individuals making a difference by ensuring every child receives a quality education. Renton’s School District is the cornerstone of our communities, and we welcome students of all backgrounds, abilities, and cultures. Renton School District is one of only 35 in Washington to have received the ‘What Parents Want’ award. As the epicenter of growth and opportunity in the Puget Sound region, Renton Technical College offers an exceptional community college experience, with more than 85% of students immediately employed after graduation. In support of young immigrants, Renton School District’s Multilingual Services Program promotes cross-cultural understanding and provides access to a rigorous academic curriculum while supporting students’ growth in language. In addition, the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program at Renton Technical College offers classes at Basic, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.


Welcoming Week - Day 6

Day 6 / September 13

Equitable Access Our goal here at the City of Renton is for government to be accessible and equitable to our residents. The City of Renton website and social media channels enable our departments to listen and engage with residents on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a searchable library of online documents, videos, and photos. We work together for digital equity to reduce and eliminate historical barriers to technology access and use. As part of this effort, we ensure all residents and neighborhoods have access to wifi connections at our community centers, making sure residents can access civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and essential services. Feedback on how your local government works is important as a tool for city staff to adjust and redefine policies and processes to better serve our residents.

Explore this website or find us on FacebookTwitter, and Nextdoor.


Welcoming Week - Day 7

Day 7 / September 14

Government and Community Leadership Highlighting Government and Community Leadership - The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Renton. Councilmembers are elected every two years by citizens. In Renton, we function under the mayor-council system, and in this form of city government, policy and administration are separate. City Council holds the legislative and policy-making powers and the Mayor has administrative authority. Mayors and councilmembers are agents of change at the local level—through listening to residents, working to translate community concerns into actionable policy ideas, and collaborating on potential solutions.

More information on the City of Renton’s elected officials can be found at rentonwa.gov/council.


Welcoming Week - Day 8

Day 8 / September 15

Safe Communities There are a number of things that are important to Renton residents when it comes to public safety, including crosswalks, traffic design, the conditions in our neighborhoods, lighting on the streets, property crime, social connections with our neighbors, and so much more.

Renton Police Department (RPD) and Renton Regional Fire Authority (RRFA) consider public safety their primary mission, and it is our number one priority in all city services and programs. Renton Police Department uses advanced technology to analyze crime patterns and improve crime prevention. Through community policing, we reflect the residents we serve. With a professional culture and inclusive environment that mirrors the best of all of us. On the one hand, Renton Regional Fire Authority is committed to serving the community by protecting life, property, and the environment through prevention, education, emergency medical, and fire services. Both RPD and our RRFA are trained and prepared for disaster response, along with the continuous preparations accomplished through our Emergency Management division.


Welcoming Week - Day 9

Day 9 / September 16

Refugee Co-Sponsorship Today we share information on refugee co-sponsorship. We know how difficult it is to resettle in a new city and country. To assist our refugees, we work with human services providers, community-based partners, and resettlement agencies to connect people with vital, culturally responsive, and language-appropriate services – food assistance, temporary housing, behavioral health services, employment, training programs, and childcare assistance.

Find more information on the City of Renton’s Human Services Division.


Welcoming Week - Day 10

Day 10 / September 17

Citizenship Day Today marks a very special milestone in all newly naturalized Americans’ lives. Every immigrant comes to America from different circumstances and for different reasons. Just like previous generations, there is one common trait: courage. It takes courage to leave behind everything they have ever known, their homes, lives, and loved ones, and start a new life in another country.

Building that new life here in Renton, each person is part of our story – that we are forever a city of opportunity. Here, we live our beliefs that every person is created as equal and deserves equity in how they are treated. Our city and our country are nurtured, enriched, and advanced by the contributions, sacrifices, and dreams of generations of immigrants.

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