Contact Information
Mike Stenhouse
Maintenance Services Director
Renton, WA 98056

The Public Works Maintenance Services Division has 90 staff members and consists of the following seven specialized sections:

  • Administration/Purchasing
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Solid Waste
  • Street Maintenance
  • Surface Water Maintenance
  • Wastewater Maintenance
  • Water Maintenance

These sections respond to a variety of maintenance needs, but some of the most common are:

  • Potholes
  • Brush cutting
  • Roadside debris
  • Water line leak
  • Storm drainage problems
  • Sewer back ups

Residents and businesses can request maintenance services via Renton Responds or by calling 425-430-7400. For urgent calls after 3:30 p.m. or on weekends, contact the Renton Police Department's non-emergency number: 425-430-7500, option #8.

An online service request ensures it will be appropriately distributed and the situation successfully addressed in a timely manner.

Street Maintenance/Inclement Weather

This section provides safe and clean city streets and sidewalks to Renton residents, and maintains these properties in the most cost-effective ways possible. This section maintains all curbs and streets and assists city utility crews with sidewalk repairs.

The City of Renton, as of 2017, has 330 center line miles and 825 lane miles of streets and right of ways. This division is responsible for sweeping and cleaning the city streets and right-of-ways, along with overseeing the street overlay projects and snow and ice winter operations.

We are Renton Ready

We have nine sanders, 11 trucks with plows, three anti-icer applicator trucks. All sanders and plows are loaded and tested annually in September/October, any issues or repairs have been completed by the operators and our fleet maintenance mechanics.

The anti-icing applicator trucks, which carry 1,600 gallons and a plow have been loaded, tested, and calibrated.

The city has 9,000 gallons of liquid anti-icer , Freezgard CI Plus (Magnesium Chloride with corrosion inhibitor) storage tanks. The city's vendor is ready if more is needed during a storm event.

Approximately 250 ton of road salt is on hand and over 1,000 ton of sand. The city uses a sand/salt mix of 25% salt.

This division has 15 street maintenance workers plus one night sweeper operator and two solid waste workers. We hold formal annual training sessions covering all winter operations and anti-icing applications with the drivers and alternate drivers have been held.

All drivers study their route map books and drive their respective routes so that they are familiar with what they look like without snow. Renton's streets look completely different when covered in snow. This route precheck helps prevent plow and truck damage when the snow fight begins. The city is divided into five regions and trucks are distributed as evenly as possible, based on hills, major arterials, priority locations, and routes.

Priority snow routes are arterials, secondary arterials and collectors, bridges, schools, hospitals and fire stations.

Many of these major routes have been pre-treated with anti-icer as soon as the city knows an event is on its way. This helps keep ice and snow from bonding to the pavement and allows quicker snow removal through plowing.

Solid Waste Maintenance

Picks up debris along roadsides and debris that has been illegally dumped along public roads  as well as removed abandoned shopping carts per ordinance. Together with code compliance, guilty parties are tracked and charged with a fine.

Last year two solid waste employees removed over 63 tons of debris and 460 shopping carts. Report abandoned shopping carts to the store or to code compliance.

To inquire about garbage service, call Republic Services at (206) 777-6440.

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