Wells-Williams Conversion Project

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Keith Woolley
Project Manager
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Graphic: Two Way Traffic Ahead

The Wells-Williams Conversion Project began in spring 2020 and ended in spring 2022. The project converted Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S to two-way traffic with the intent to improve connectivity and access in downtown Renton, making it a more vibrant and livable area.

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  • Two-way traffic on Wells Ave S and Williams Ave

Conversion to Two-Way Traffic on Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S

Graphic: Wells and Williams traffic patterns

How has the project upgraded downtown Renton?

  • Installed new sidewalks and crossing improvements to increase pedestrian mobility and safety while enhancing the street environment.
  • Upgraded lighting, street furniture, bike racks, and other amenities will also strengthen downtown’s character and welcoming feel.
  • Converted Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S to two-way traffic on Feb. 17, 2022.
  • Installed new traffic signals on S 2nd St and S 3rd St at Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S to direct traffic at the intersections.

  • Added permanent all-way stops along Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S at S 5th St, Houser Way S, South Riverside Dr, and North Riverside Dr.

  • Improved accessibility with three new ADA parallel parking spots in downtown Renton on Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S between St 2nd St and S 3rd St.
  • Added four new loading zones in downtown Renton on Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S.

Why did we convert Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S to two-way traffic?

Two-way traffic has several added benefits when compared to one-way traffic, including improved vehicular access and navigation, reduced speeding, and lower rates of accidents. Converting Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S will encourage people to travel to, not through downtown Renton and help make it a more vibrant and livable area. 


Downtown Renton business support during COVID-19

Renton small businesses felt pressure from COVID-19 as they navigated unknown waters. To support them, we provided weekly updates on construction, business open signage, and coordinated with them on work that had direct impacts. A construction hotline was operated during business hours to answer questions or hear concerns about construction. Bi-weekly office hours were also offered via Zoom if businesses and residents preferred to digitally speak one-on-one.

The City Center Parking Garage’s free parking hours were also extended throughout the duration of construction and signage was added around downtown Renton to make it easier to find.

How much did the project cost? What was the funding source?

The Wells-Williams Conversion Project costs approximately $15 million. A large portion of the funding comes from a STP grant from WSDOT in the amount of $3,850,000. The remaining portion of the project cost is funded through city revenue and smaller grants.

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