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Kennydale Beach Park

Coulon Trestle Bridge Replacement

Coulon Park North Waterwalk Replacement

Philip Arnold Park Improvements

Kiwanis Park Master Plan


Many of Renton’s existing parks, recreation, trails and natural area systems were first envisioned as part of the Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas Plan and the Trails and Bicycle Master Plan planning process. These plans provide a framework to guide the city in establishing priorities, making decisions, funding improvements and operations, and ensures the city’s park needs meet current demand and builds capacity for future generations.

Cascade Park Playground (2022: May 23 to late-July)

Drawing of the proposed playground at Cascade Park

The Cascade Park playground is planned for relocation and equipment replacement to address aging equipment and flooding issues. The project will also increase the playground's visibility from the neighborhood. The proposed playground will be located further south of the existing loop trail, making it visible from 126th Avenue SE. The play area will have engineered wood fiber surfacing. The area will be expanded to provide a greater variety of equipment to serve all ages.

The playground will include:

  • swings

  • spinner

  • structures with decks, monkey bars, balancing equipment, climbing elements, and slides

The project also includes a paved path and seating areas with benches and a trash receptacle.

Construction will begin on May 23 and be substantially completed by late-July, 2022. During construction, the park will remain open, but the existing playground, new play area, and a portion of the 126th Avenue SW paved drive will be closed through July.

Coulon Park Trestle Bridge

Photo of the new trestle bridge at Coulon Park

Structural assessment reports completed in 2012 and 2017 for Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park identified repairs to the trestle bridge to maintain the structural integrity. Temporary emergency repairs were made in 2018 to provide structural integrity for a limited 3-year lifespan.

Replacement of the trestle bridge was identified in the 2019 Parks Bond as a high-priority project for major maintenance/removal. The existing bridge will be removed and replaced with a single-span steel bridge with light penetrating decking and a viewing area with interpretive signage. In addition, all in-water pilings will be removed.

Project bidding is earmarked for early winter 2022, with construction commencing in late summer 2022. Project completion is scheduled for March 2023.

The replacement estimated cost of the Coulon Park Trestle Bridge is $1.9 million. Funding for the project includes the 2019 Parks Bond and the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant.

Coulon Park North Waterwalk

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park North Waterwalk

The Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park North Water Walk improvements were identified in structural and dive assessments and established as a high-priority project in the 2019 Parks Bond.

Major improvements include:

  • Replacing the existing concrete deck panels with 60% light penetrating fiberglass grating and concrete panels to match the recently completed deck at Ivar’s.

  • New steel framing.

  • All timber components will be replaced with plastic timber.

  • Repainting existing light poles and guardrails.

  • Repainting the existing Pilot House.

  • New fiberglass picnic float grating.

  • Refurbished picnic float benches and tables.

  • All work will meet local, state and federal regulatory requirements and requirements established in the State Department of Natural Resources Lease Agreement.

Bidding for the project is scheduled for the summer of 2022, with construction starting in the fall. The project is scheduled to be completed in September of 2023.

The estimated cost is $5.9 million. Funding sources include the 2019 Parks Bond, Washington state direct legislative appropriation, 2019 King County Proposition 1 Levy and local funding.

Kiwanis Park Site Improvements (2022: April 25 to December)

Drawing of the Kiwanis Park Master Plan

Kiwanis Park was identified in the 2019 Parks Bond as a high-priority project for major maintenance site improvements. Built in the 1960s, Kiwanis Park is now over 60 years old and shows signs of aging and does not meet federal accessibility standards.

Proposed major site improvements for the park include:

  • looped ADA (American Disabilities Act) accessible walkways and entrances

  • playground replacement

  • parking renovation

  • activity building demolition

  • picnic shelter and paved parent plaza

  • Portland Loo restroom

  • basketball/sports court renovation

  • natural turf multi-purpose field

  • ballfield improvements with a synthetic all-weather surface infield

  • ballfield backstop updates with covered dugouts

  • park signage

CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) standards will be used throughout the design process.

The park will close for construction on April 26, 2022. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The Kiwanis Park Improvements are budgeted for $6.9 million with funding from the 2019 Parks Bond, Parks Impact Mitigation Fees, 2019 King County Proposition 1 Levy and local funding.

Philip Arnold Park Improvements

Philip Arnold Park

Philip Arnold Park was identified in the 2019 Parks Bond as a high-priority project for significant maintenance site improvements.

Constructed in the 1960s, Philip Arnold Park is now over 60 years old and is showing signs of its age. More recent major maintenance milestones include the playground replacement in 1997 and the removal of a restroom building in 2019.

Improvements planned for the park include:

  • looped ADA (American Disability Act) accessible walkway and boardwalk

  • playground replacement

  • activity building demolition

  • new picnic shelter and paved parent plaza

  • picnic shelter replacement

  • Portland Loo restroom

  • basketball court renovation

  • improved drainage and stormwater management

  • park signage

CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) standards will be used throughout the design process.

Construction is scheduled to commence in the summer of 2022, with project completion in late spring 2023.

The estimated cost for the planned improvements to the Philip Arnold Park is $6.2 million. Project funding includes funds from the 2019 Parks Bond, 2019 King County Proposition 1 Levy, Parks Impact Mitigation Fees and local funding.


Playground Safety

Since 2018, the city has replaced playgrounds at at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, Liberty Park, Thomas Teasdale Park, Cedar River Trail Park, and Tiffany Park. We have also added a new playground at Sunset Neighborhood Park.

Over the next six years, more playground replacements are scheduled, including Cascade Park and Kennydale Beach Park in 2022. All these projects are funded through the Capital Improvement Program.

These new playgrounds incorporate different equipment to create a unique play experience. Age- and skill-appropriate equipment is chosen for children based on two age groups: 2-5 years and 5-12 years. The safety surfaces utilized are one of two types, either Engineered Wood Fiber or poured-in-place rubberized surfacing. The selected surfacing depends on existing site conditions and budget. All of our playgrounds have ADA-accessible components.

Typically, a playground will last 15 years.

Play equipment selection, layout and installation, and safety surface selection are thoroughly reviewed. Each playground strictly meets the latest Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) and American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) certification for playground safety conformance.

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