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Construction Update

We are happy to share with you that we are on the final stage towards
Repaving of the new roadways have been completed. We are now onto the final step of the project which is striping of the completed paved areas. Shown below is a map of where we completed paving and follow up with striping work.

Striping will begin as early as next week from 7pm to 5 am and last for 2-3 nights. Because of potential weather and other concerns the 2-3 nights of work will be spread over the next month. Night work is required to provide safer work zones due to lighter traffic. Noise will be minimal and monitored during nightwork. S 2nd St and S 3rd St will experience some lane closures, but access will remain open.


Photo of the city center parking garage

Street parking within the project work area will be removed on the days where grinding and paving work is scheduled as shown above. Please view dates on no-park signage when parking on the street. To avoid the risk of towing and vehicle removal, please move your vehicle from the streets by the dates noted on the no-park signage.

Below is a map of additional parking garages and lots in the downtown area.

Downtown Parking Map

Outside of the temporary closures from the impacts noted above, the City Center Parking Garage offers up to 10 hours of free parking for access to downtown businesses through June of this year and can also be used by residents during construction. The garage is accessible between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Traffic Detour and Large Deliveries

Streets will be closed during paving and grinding. Detours can be expected during different phase of the project.

Follow posted signage and flaggers for access. We will provide detailed updates of closures and detours as construction progresses.

While these detours are necessary for completion of the project, we want to ensure that businesses are able to receive product deliveries essential to their operations. If you are currently impacted by road closures or detours and have an upcoming product delivery, please call 425-363-1007 for help with coordination of deliveries larger than a single unit.

Work Hours

  • 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. construction hours

  • 5 a.m. – 12 p.m. Tuesday construction hours while work is in the vicinity of the farmer’s market.
  • Limited overnight work is expected

  • Equipment will stay in work zones overnight

What to Expect

Parking Restrictions & Pedestrian Routes

  • Expect parking restrictions and pedestrian detours near work zones

  • Starting April 18, street parking within the project work area will be removed until completion of end of April. For a map of other available parking areas, view our downtown parking map.

Traffic Management

  • Where possible, a minimum of 1-lane of traffic will be open to traffic at all times
  • During construction hours, detours will be established when traffic cannot safely proceed through the work zones

  • Additional lanes may be open after construction hours when possible and safe.

  • Detour and traffic signs will signal vehicle reroutes and access

Road Closures

  • Sections of roads will be restricted and closed during grinding and paving dates; access will be open between grinding and paving workdays.

  • Roads will be closed one day for grinding and one day for paving.

Related Downtown Projects

The South Wells Avenue and South Williams Avenue Conversion Project is under a separate contract but will likely be conducted in the same timeframe. This project will improve intersections, add new signals, and convert both streets to two-way operations.

The adopted Civic Core Action Plan explores ways to pedestrian and bicyclists facilities and enhancements, traffic operation and circulation improvements to Downtown. The improvements include adding raised intersections with bulb outs, lighting, street furniture, streetscape, bike racks, signage, wayfinding and street conversions.

Project Files


October 2021

  • 10/22/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S open to one-way traffic
  • 10/15/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Plan to continue paving S 3rd St next week
  • 10/7/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: S 3rd St to be closed during the day from Burnett Ave S to Main Ave S for paving
  • 10/1/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Preparing to pave S 3rd St

September 2021

  • 9/24/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Utility work continues in downtown Renton
  • 9/17/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Utility work continues in downtown Renton
  • 09/10/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Upgrades resuming on Houser Way S
  • 09/03/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Progressing intersection work in downtown Renton

August 2021

  • 08/27/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Progressing intersection work in downtown Renton
  • 08/20/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Progressing intersection work in downtown Renton
  • 08/16/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Intersection work in downtown Renton
  • 08/11/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Night work at intersection of S 3rd St and Rainier Ave S.
  • 08/06/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Plan ahead for detours with intersection work

July 2021

  • 7/30/2021  - Downtown Renton Construction: Reopening Shattuck Ave S & S 3rd St intersection tonight
  • 7/27/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Watch your step; avoid the sticky sealant!
  • 7/23/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Shattuck Ave S Intersection Work and S 3rd St Road Closure
  • 7/21/2021 - Renton Downtown Utility Improvement: Shattuck Ave S Intersection Work and S 3rd St Road Closure
  • 7/16/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Time for the clocktower to come home!
  • 7/9/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Sidewalks on S 3rd St have reached substantial completion
  • 7/6/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Temporary two-way cul-de-sac on Wells Ave S
  • 7/2/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Continuing to progress utility and sidewalk work

June 2021

  • 6/25/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Sunny days lead the way to the farmer’s market.
  • 6/18/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Follow the “Yellow Brick Road” for business access during construction
  • 6/17/2021 - Downtown Construction - Overnight Closure of S 3rd Street
  • 6/11/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Continuing utility and sidewalk work in downtown Renton
  • 6/3/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Storm Utility work on S 3rd St

May 2021

  •  5/21/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Renton Farmers Market is returning for its 20th season
  • 5/14/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: The clocktower takes a ride to its new temporary home
  • 5/7/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Temporarily relocating the clocktower and continuing utility work in downtown Renton

April 2021

  •  4/30/2021 - Downtown Renton Construction: Renton Farmers Market is returning for its 20th season
  • 4/23/2021 - Downtown Construction: Update on downtown Renton intersection work
  • 4/16/2021 - Renton Downtown Utility Improvement Project Update

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