Department Reorganization FAQ

City Council approved a departmental reorganization on December 4 to distribute the Equity, Housing, and Human Services (EHHS) divisions to multiple city departments. The EHHS Department was created in 2021 to elevate and analyze three critical service areas for improvement; this reorganization is the next step forward.

Please utilize the FAQs below to address any questions about the reorganization.

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Why was Equity, Housing, and Human Services formed?

The pandemic exposed gaps in human services, affordable housing, and equity, prompting swift action. To enhance crucial programs, we consolidated divisions and workgroups from various departments into a standalone Equity, Housing, and Human Services (EHHS) department.

Why the change now?

After over two years of assessment, we're refining our structure again by reallocating EHHS divisions for better effectiveness. Some divisions return to their former departments with enhanced processes, while others relocate to departments where they can thrive.

How much will this cost?

This restructuring is cost-neutral.

How does this impact staff?

EHHS staff members currently in place will retain their positions, their supervisors, and their division, with the only change being their home department. All positions being shuffled to new managers, are currently vacant. We will add two new positions, made possible by eliminating the department administrator position; however, the employee currently in this role will transition to serve as the Parks & Recreation Department Administrator which is currently vacant.

What will happen to each area of emphasis?


  • We're expanding the impact of our equity efforts by moving roles from within a single department, to multiple departments. Our Human Resources Department will receive the DEI position; Communications & Engagement (Executive Services Department) will receive the Community Outreach position; the Deputy CAO's office will support the work of the Equity Commission in direct coordination with the Mayor's office. Our goal with this expansion is to increase support around each role by placing in the larger departments, making our collective work more effective. 
  • The city's Equity Commission will now be backed by the Executive Services Department, establishing a direct link to the Mayor and Council.


  • This will integrate the city’s affordable housing efforts into the full planning division of the Community and Economic Development Department, effectively expanding this from a single-employee program to the collective work and expectation of a much larger team.
  • Restructured positions will also enhance housing-related programs and assistance by better aligning with complementary programs like code enforcement, within the department.

Human Services:

  • This division returns to its former department of Parks and Recreation, now with improved processes and systems, supported by the larger department's infrastructure. This move enhances coordination for grants and services, increasing overall effectiveness.

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