2024 State of the City

Mayor Armondo Pavone held his second annual State of the City on March 21 at the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center. Mayor Pavone reflected on the past year's accomplishments throughout various city departments and looked into future initiatives and projects planned for 2024 and beyond.

"Entering my second term, I've found that what people want to know isn't that we're doing our jobs, but the WHY and philosophy behind where we're going as a city." - Mayor Armondo Pavone, City of Renton.


A few highlights and focus points described during the State of the City address included the city’s expansion of communications and engagement efforts, a heightened focus on customer service, investment in IT infrastructure, and a new website coming in 2024. Residents were updated on the city’s park's capital improvements and the large investment in human services in the coming year.

The Renton Police Department shared updates on the positive impacts of changes to the Blake decision, juvenile crime, and efforts around crime prevention.

Public Works presented projects completed in 2023 paired with upcoming enhancements this year, such as Clean Economy Strategy 2.0, electric vehicle infrastructure, traffic calming, the upcoming Transportation Benefit District, and sidewalk improvement plans.

In Finance, the city budget process will begin shortly, and the address reviewed the city’s philosophy that voters should drive spending.

For Community and Economic Development, Renton’s strategy for attracting large-scale employers and small businesses that increase walkability downtown was discussed. Renton’s groundbreaking small business liaison program, Downtown Civic Core plan, and huge projects that finished this year, including the Seattle Sounders HQ, were featured during the presentation.

In addition, Mayor Pavone discussed the impact of HB 1110 on the density requirements coming down the pipeline with new state requirements.

Thank you to all the community leaders and staff for attending; we also extend a big thanks to Hazen High School's Vox Populi for their fantastic performance, to Dominic Pavone for the introduction, to Renton Technical College for exceptional catering, and to Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center staff for a top-notch performance.

The full event can be viewed on the city's YouTube page and Channel 21.

2023 State of the City

State of the City 2023

On March 21, I delivered the first State of the City address since 2019. Thank you to everyone who attended. If you could not be there, I hope you'll watch the address and see all the city's accomplishments and what impactful and exciting new ideas and projects we have planned for this year and beyond.

2023 State of the City Address

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I'm proud to say Renton has emerged from the effects of COVID as a shining example of how a community comes together, meets hardships head-on, and refines and grows from those pressures. We were also reminded of our strengths as an organization and opportunities for growth.

Our success would not be possible without the efforts of our hard-working City Councilmembers: Council President Valerie O'Halloran and Councilmembers Ryan McIrvin, Ruth Pérez, Ed Prince, Kim-Khánh Văn, Carmen Rivera, and James Alberson, Jr.

And the leadership of our department administrators plays a crucial role in our success. They partner with their talented staff of over 600 who work to improve our community daily.

It also takes you. By volunteering your time and talents on dozens of community boards, committees, commissions, and other volunteer experiences, we have a genuinely representative government. Your diverse viewpoints, experiences, and perspectives help us define city policies and keep us focused on the efficient and effective delivery of services.

Together, councilmembers, staff, and community work to support our vision for Renton:

Renton is the center of opportunity in the
Puget Sound Region, where families and businesses thrive.

  • It means we focus on providing the best service possible to our residents.

  • It means we provide tools to ensure opportunity for all and listen to diverse audiences' needs.

  • It means we ensure a safe and healthy environment.

  • It means we pursue bringing good jobs, new employers, and diverse housing options to the City of Renton.

To bring that vision to life, we clearly align our intentions with our mission statement:

The City of Renton, in partnership and communication
with residents, businesses, and schools, is dedicated to:

  • Provide a safe, healthy, vibrant community.

  • Promote economic vitality and strategically position Renton for the future.

  • Support planned growth and influence decisions to foster environmental sustainability.

  • Build an inclusive, informed city with equitable outcomes for all in support of social, economic, and racial justice.

  • Meet service demands and provide high-quality customer service with measurable outcomes.

My State of the City address detailed how we've focused on keeping that vision and mission a reality while responding to and anticipating your needs.

Our work to make Renton the best place to live, work and do business is continuous. You can help us tackle complex and involved challenges by attending council meetings, joining a board or committee, and getting involved through our numerous volunteer opportunities. These are the best ways to become an active participant in local government.

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