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Graphic: Dragon Quest Poster

Join us on a mythical and magical adventure to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of the landing of Renton's rooftop dragon! We present to you, the Dragon Scavenger Hunt event!

Four precious dragon eggs will be hidden in secret locations across the city, waiting for brave and daring adventurers to discover them. But beware! The journey to unlocking the treasure chest, containing the dragon's most prized possessions, will not be easy. It will require a keen eye, sharp wit, and a heart full of courage.

Starting April 1, the hunt will begin, and clues will be posted to guide you on your quest. The adventure will continue until all four eggs have been found, and those who succeed will unlock the treasure chest containing the dragon's magical and mythical treasure.

Come join us and immerse yourself in a theatrical and enchanting experience. Register to receive the clues and let the journey begin. The dragon scavenger hunt is a celebration of the landing of Renton's rooftop dragon, a mythical and magical creature that has captured the hearts of our community. Join us on this grand adventure, and let the magic unfold! Click here to register to receive your clues! 

Arts and Culture Grants Program

Renton Municipal Arts Commission offers grants to individuals, organizations, and community groups for arts and culture projects and events that serve the general public in Renton. The commission encourage innovative projects by artists and communities that fill in cultural gaps and inspire new forms of creative participation, particularly for underserved groups.

"I am grateful to have the opportunity and funding to create art in Renton. As I created my installation, community members were so friendly and encouraging. This program provides a wonderful benefit for artists and the community."  ~ Christy Caravaglio, artist, 2021 Grant Recipient

These flexible grants are designed to create access for individuals and groups not served by our annual Community Arts Support Program.

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Applications MUST be submitted electronically by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the deadline or they will not be considered in that quarter. Applications for the second-round of funding closed on Friday, February 3, 2023. Awards will be announced in March. 

Grant Guidelines

Please carefully review the Grant Guidelines before applying. If you have questions, please reach out via contact information in the guidelines. 

  • Grant Application: 2023 Round 3

  • Full Application deadline (round 3): April 21, 2023

  • Announcement of awards: June 2023

Hydrant Art Program

Photo of fire hydrant art painted by artist Kat Lieu


The Renton Municipal Arts Commission has teamed up with the South Renton Connection to support the popular Renton Hydrant Art Program.

The program invites artists to "adopt" fire hydrants in the South Renton neighborhood and create artistic designs for them, showcasing the talents of local individuals while displaying creative artwork throughout the community.

There is no specific theme for the program, but artists are encouraged to incorporate the character and history of the surrounding environment and neighborhood into their artwork

Selected artists will receive $400 per hydrant to cover the cost of materials, supplies, and design fees. Applicants are welcome to submit multiple designs for consideration. To apply, submit your proposal today, and check out the full application here for more information.

Renton Municipal Arts Commission

Renton Municipal Arts Commission (RMAC) was formed by Resolution 1320, on August 9, 1965. Overseeing an annual budget, the commission is charged with the responsibility of acting in an advisory capacity to city government in connection with the artistic and cultural development of the city.

The commission strives to support and connect people with arts and culture endeavors in the Renton community.


  • Enrich and increase participation and awareness of the cultural and artist community.  

  • Serve as Renton’s source for arts information

  • Increase funding opportunities for arts and culture programs

  • Advocate for arts education at all levels

  • Advise the city on arts related projects and public art. 

Public Art in Renton

Renton is home to a vibrant arts scene where you will find a growing collection of city-owned art on display throughout the city.

The majority of the city’s collection is permanently located and readily accessible to the public. You are invited to visit your art collection, and enjoy the varied artworks that belong to the people of Renton.

Arts & Cultural Registry

If you wish to be notified of periodic Calls For Artists, Cultural Networking Events, or Public Art Opportunities, please complete the online Artist Information Form and submit to RMAC.

Arts & Culture Master Plan

Recognizing the important role that the arts play in economic and community development, the City of Renton initiated a community effort to create a multi-year Arts & Culture Master Plan. The overarching goal was to develop and secure broad community ownership in a vision for the arts and culture in Renton. The plan succeeds in defining a vision for the arts created by the community and establishing community commitment to an achievable implementation strategy.

2021 Projects

Some of the projects and events commissioned by Renton Municipal Arts Commission.


Commission Members (13)

  • Amelia Ossorio (youth position)
  • Bill Huls, Vice Chair
  • Brianna Burroughs
  • Bruce McIntyre
  • David Samek
  • Evelyn Reingold
  • Janna Kushneryk
  • Kaie Wise
  • Marsha Rollinger
  • Marvin Rosete
  • Mary Clymer
  • Susan Jessick, Chair

Connect with Renton’s Creative Community

Whether your medium is paint, metal, film, or flute, Renton invites you into its growing creative community. You'll find events and opportunities to show your work, demonstrate your skills and sell your art.

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Monthly Newsletter

Stay Connected!

The commission's monthly new E-Newsletter will help keep you informed and up-to-date with Public Art and Urban Enhancement projects. 

You'll learn about:

  • Upcoming projects and calls for artists 

  • New public artwork dedications 

  • Behind-the-scenes scoops on current projects 

  • Interesting and timely public art topics.


2023 Funded Projects: Round 1

The commission received funding requests in 2022 that almost doubled its entire budget for the year. As a result, members worked hard to stretch funding for as many projects as possible.

The commission awarded $19,005 to support four projects in the initial round of 2023 grant funding:

Song of Seattle Chorus/2023 Spring Fling

Song of Seattle is a creative women's a cappella chorus with a musical theater flair. The Spring Fling will be held at the IKEA Performing Arts Center on April 15, 2023, featuring a line-up of 8-10 a cappella quartets and Song of Seattle Chorus in preparation for the annual 5-state NxNW Regional a cappella competition which will be held in May 2023 in Spokane. $2,000.

Renton Downtown Partnership/Downtown Historic Walking Tour

A Historic Walking Tour of downtown Renton, including an arts component, discussing the various murals downtown along with the history. The tours are scheduled for May 13 and August 12, 2023. $2,500

Christy Caravaglio/Twirling Star

Temporary installation of yarn art on a public, highly visible fence in Renton. $4,505

Renton Civic Theatre/A Day in Hollywood a Night in Ukraine

Funding to produce A Day in Hollywood A Night in Ukraine during the theatre’s 2023 season.  The show runs February 17 through March 4, 2023. $10,000

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