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Coulon Park Projects

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North Walk Walk Improvements

October 17, 2022 - September 2023 The North water walk, day moorage/finger piers and picnic floats will be closed for repairs.

North Water Walk Improvements (October 17, 2022-September 2023)

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park North Waterwalk

Work will begin on October 17 to preserve and enhance the existing water walk structure at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park  by completing the elements listed below. Work is expect to end in September 2023.

Making these repairs will require closing the north water walk structure, day moorage/finger piers, and picnic floats.

  • Replacing the existing concrete deck panels with 60% light penetrating fiberglass grating and concrete panels to match the newer deck at Ivar’s and improve fish habitat.

  • Wrapping the existing piles supporting the structure to increase longevity

  • New steel framing.

  • All timber components will be replaced with plastic timber.

  • Repainting existing light poles and guardrails.

  • Repainting the existing Pilot House.

  • New fiberglass picnic float grating.

  • Refurbished picnic float benches and tables.

  • All work will meet local, state, and federal regulatory requirements and requirements established in the State Department of Natural Resources Lease Agreement.

Funding for the project includes 2019 Renton Park Bond funds, the Taxpayers of Washington through a Direct Legislative Appropriation Grant, a King County Parks Capital and Open Space Grant, 2019 King County Proposition No. 1 Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Levy funding, and local funding.

Please contact Betsy Severtsen at bsevertsen[email protected] or 425-757-6657 with any questions.

Trestle Bridge Replacement project

October 31, 2022 - early Summer 2023 The North end of Coulon Park, from the North turn around to the North pedestrian gate, will be closed as the Trestle Bridge is replaced. The closure is required because emergency vehicles cannot access this portion of the park while the bridge is removed and replaced.

Trestle Bridge Replacement (October 31, 2022-early Summer 2023)

Photo of the new trestle bridge at Coulon Park

Construction will start on Oct. 31, 2022, to replace the Trestle Bridge located just north of the north restrooms and Sailing Center in Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. Working is expected to last until early Summer 2023.

Replacing the bridge is critical to maintaining the park's much-loved pedestrian trail and connection within the park. The new clear-span steel bridge will provide a new viewpoint along the pedestrian trail and will include interpretive signage. The project will remove all 58 existing in-water piles and include new light penetrating decking, both to enhance fish habitat.

Replacing the bridge will require closing the North end of Coulon Park, from the North turn around to the North pedestrian gate. The closure is required because emergency vehicles will be unable to access this portion of the park while the bridge is removed and replaced.

The construction contract was awarded to American Construction Company, Inc. Funding for the project includes 2019 Renton Park Bond funds, a Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant Award by the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, 2019 King County Proposition No. 1 Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Levy funding and local funding.

Intermediate repairs were completed in 2019 and have extended the life of the bridge for three years. The most recent structural assessment indicated that replacement is required for park patron safety and maintenance access to the north end of the park. Investment in Coulon Park, including major replacements such as the Trestle Bridge, is in the top five city-wide priorities in the 2020 Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas Plan.

Please contact Alan J. Wyatt at 425-430-6571 or [email protected] with any questions.

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park consists of 57 acres along the southeastern shore of Lake Washington. The park offers a unique opportunity for both land-based and water-related recreational activities.

No Dogs, Please

For the enjoyment of all park visitors, dogs are not allowed at Gene Coulon Park and Kennydale Beach Park. Violators are subject to citations and fines. At all other city parks, dogs are allowed on 6-ft leashes.

Dogs can run free at the Cedar River Dog Park at 1500 Houser Way S.

Park History

Eugene “Gene” Louis Coulon (1916-1977) was the second Parks Director in the City of Renton, and probably still the longest serving. After serving in the Army during WWII he joined the Recreation Division as Assistant Recreation Director in 1947 and then was promoted to Director of the Parks Department in 1948; he served in that position until his death in 1977. He directed the department at a time of huge growth in Renton parks and he was instrumental in obtaining the land for the beach park. The park was named in his honor in 1978 and then dedicated after its completion in 1982.

Completed Projects

Playground 2020-2021

Photo of the new Coulon Memorial Park Playground

The replacement of the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park playground was completed, and the playground opened on March 2, 2021.

The new play equipment was chosen based on a community survey conducted in the summer of 2020. Included are many all-abilities components: see-saw, group swing and individual swings, and two unique climbing structures. The project was funded by Washington state taxpayers through a State Direct Legislative Appropriation.

Structural Repairs 2018-19

The structural repairs to eight facilities at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park have been completed after eight months of construction, which started in September of 2018.

Repairs to the facilities included:

  • the replacement of structural steel and timber decking at the Ivar’s deck with new galvanized steel, fiberglass and aluminum grating;

  • new aluminum finger piers at the Day Boat Moorage;

  • removal of wood timber wave skirts at the North Water Walk and South Water Walk;

  • new floatation and deck repairs at the Sailing Center;

  • structural piling repairs at the Trestle Bridge;

  • new plastic timber lagging at the Wave Break;

  • repairs to the main dock and hinge replacements at the piers at the boat launch.

The structural improvements to the facilities replaced aging structural components and wood timbers with new galvanized steel and aluminum, fiberglass grating, and plastic timber. Increasing the life span, decreasing maintenance, increased safety, and meeting new aquatic environmental requirements, these improvements will provide years of service for park patrons visiting Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. 

Paver Repair Project 2015

Coulon Park Pavers

In 2015, the plaza concrete pavers outside of Kidd Valley restaurant and the North Pavilion at Coulon Park were determined to be no longer functional. Originally installed in 1982, they were replaced them with poured-in-place concrete which are fully accessible, provide safe circulation, and will last for at least 50 years.

Hours of Operation

8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
until Sept. 4, 2023

About Coulon Park

Park Amenities

  • ADA accessible
  • Eight (8)-lane boat launch
  • Fishing pier
  • Two (2) horseshoe pits
  • Four (4) picnic shelters (reservations required)
  • Play equipment
  • Ivar's Seafood Bar and Kidd Valley restaurants
  • Two (2) sand volleyball courts
  • Swimming area (permitted only at Swim Beach. Although swimming is permitted at any time during hours of operation, swimmers are advised to observe posted signs indicating when a lifeguard is on duty).
  • Two (2) tennis courts
  • Walking trails along the shoreline

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