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Clayton Scott Field
Renton, WA 98057

The Will Rogers-Wiley Post Memorial Seaplane Base is unique in the United States because it is located adjacent to a land-based runway. The seaplane base is owned and managed by the City of Renton.

The seaplane base consists of a concrete launch ramp, seaplane dock, and on-call US Customs and Border Patrol service. The seaplane launch ramp is accessed via the Renton Municipal Airport.

Seaplane maintenance, float install/removal, and float truck service is provided through FBOs on the Renton Airport

photo of Jobmaster Company hangar at seaplane base circa 1960
This photo, circa 1960, shows the seaplane activity at Clayton Scott's hangar.  Clayton Scott ran the Jobmaster Company business, modifying floats for various types of aircraft.  This photo is taken at the very north end of the Renton Airport, where there is now a seaplane dock and grass area with a parking lot.

Takeoffs and Landings

Seaplane operations are located at the north end of the Renton Municipal Airport along the shore of Lake Washington. The seaplane base is a full-service facility, including a floating dock and launching ramp where aircraft can land on wheels, and if equipped with floats, depart from the water, or vice versa.

It is listed separately in the seaplane base section of the Airman's Guide and used exclusively for aircraft.

  • The water level elevation at the seaplane base is estimated at 14 feet above sea level
  • The Seaplane Base Airport Reference Point (amphibious ramp) is located at Latitude 47 deg 30 min 00 sec North, Longitude 122 deg 13 min 05 sec West.
  • Caution Localized shoaling around the docks and launch ramp. Check water depth before using.

Seaplane Operating Procedures

  • All take-offs, landings and idle taxiing should be carried out within an area located east of an imaginary line connecting the seaplane dock and the south end of Mercer Island. The azimuth of this line is 320 degrees, magnetic, from the dock.
  • Pilots should enter and exit the seaplane operations area via east or west channel routes
  • Remain at or below 800 feet MSL while in the west channel to avoid King County International Airport airspace
  • No step taxiing
  • Floatplane speed limit within 100 yards of docks and/or shore is 8 kph (5 mph)


Renton Airport seaplane base map

Ramp and Floating Dock Procedures

The following procedures have been adopted to prevent congestion on the amphibious ramp.

  • Arriving aircraft may be positioned on the amphibious ramp for refueling or removal only when the fuel or tow vehicle is present. The aircraft must immediately be removed from the water, depart or be relocated to a position on the floating dock after fueling.
  • After being placed in the water for departure, aircraft must immediately depart or be relocated to a position on the floating dock.
  • Aircraft positioned on the amphibious ramp must, at all times, be attended by a person responsible for and authorized to relocate the aircraft.
  • To decrease the possibility of fuel spills into Lake Washington, aircraft utilizing the seaplane base facilities should be refueled on land prior to being placed in the water or after being removed from the water.

Radio Frequencies

  • Renton ATCT ATCT/CTAF frequency: 124.7
  • ATIS frequency: 126.95
  • AirO UNICOM frequency: 122.95
  • ProFlight UNICOM frequency: 122.85
  • GROUND frequency: 121.60

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