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Contact Information
Maplewood Golf Course
4050 Maple Valley Highway
Renton, WA 98058

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Course Details
Red Tees 5,155 Yards
White Tees 5,698 Yards
Blue Tees 6112 Yards


Blue Tees 69.7/123
White Tees 67.7/120
Red Tees 65.5/112
Yellow Tees 60.3/100
Blue Tees 75.4/129
White Tees 73.0/126
Red Tees 69.9/120
Yellow Tees 61.4/102

Hole-By-Hole Flyover and Description

Hole #1 - Par 4

Your round at Maplewood Golf Course begins with an uphill par 4 protected with an out-of-bounds left and a fairway on the right. A mid-iron off the tee takes the bunkers out of play and will leave you with a level lie for your second shot. The long narrow green slopes gently from back to front.

Hole #2 - Par 3

Distance control is critical on your tee shot to this downhill par 3. Water protects the entire left side of the green. Shots landing to the right or long will also find some trouble, as everything slopes away from the green. Putts can be made on this relatively level surface.

Hole #3 - Par 4

The beautiful Cedar River parallels the left side of this par 4. A tee shot just right of center is the best location. Then you will contend with a long narrow green that is protected on the right and back by bunkers, with gentle mounds on the left.

Hole #4 - Par 4

The ideal tee position is left center of this fairway. Two large bunkers protect the green, positioned front right and back left. Keep your second shot below the hole, as the green slopes severely from back to front.

Hole #5 - Par 5

The tee shot here will determine whether this is a two or three-shot hole. Bite off as much of the severe dogleg left as you can to reach this green in two. You must also be careful of out-of-bounds left and the three fairway bunkers located on the corner of this dog leg. Out-of-bounds continues down the left side, with two bunkers guarding the long narrow green on the left.

Hole #6 - Par 3

Your tee shot to this challenging short par 3 is all over water and usually with a right to left cross wind. The green slopes from back to front and is protected in back by a bunker.

Hole #7 - Par 5

This straightaway par 5 is typically a three-shot hole, as it is normally into the wind. Two fairway bunkers are strategically placed 220 yards off the white tees on the left, with trees lining both sides of this fairway. Your third shot is best played from the right side of the fairway, as the green opens up from there. However, be careful of the lake that borders the right side of the fairway from 150 yards out.

Hole #8 - Par 4

This great little par 4 requires a tee shot left of center of the fairway. Any tee shot right of center is in "jail" because of the trees. Your second shot is all uphill to this newly constructed green with a gentle ridge running through it.

Hole #9 - Par 4

An accurate tee shot or a lay-up shot with a long iron is a must on this downhill par 4, as the fairway is guarded with water on the left and bunkers on the right (both about 210 yards off the white tees). Water continues down the left side of this hole past the back of the green, with large trees guarding the right side.


Hole #10 - Par 5

This narrow par 5 requires an accurate and well-struck tee shot to get home in two. The fairway is tree-lined, with the Maplewood Creek running up the right side, then across the fairway, 75 yards off the green. This large green is protected on the left by a bunker and has a gentle slope from back to front.

Hole #11 - Par 4

This par 4 doglegs slightly right off the tee, with trees and Maplewood Creek bordering the right side of this hole. The approach shot is the key to this hole, as the two-tiered green is protected on the left by a bunker and mounds. Missing the green long here is trouble. 

Hole #12 - Par 3

Three is an excellent score on this hole. The severely sloping green is surrounded by Maplewood Creek on the right and left, and strategic bunkering long and left. Short left is where you want to miss your tee shot, but there are no easy chips to this green, or many easy putts once the surface is reached.

Hole #13 - Par 4

Hole 13 doglegs from right to left considerably off the tee. Tee shots traveling more than 230 yards from the white tees will find the trees through the fairway. Tee shots traveling less than 170 yards will not make it to the dogleg, leaving yourself a lot of work left to reach this hour-shaped bunkered green.

Hole #14 - Par 3

The key to this short par 3 is hitting your tee shot the correct distance. The green slopes from back to front, with a bunker short and a bunker long. Par is a difficult score when missing this green.

Hole #15 - Par 5

This reachable uphill par 5 is protected entirely up the left side by a lateral hazard. The second shot is among the most challenging at Maplewood, as you'll be tempted to go for it in two. The final 70 yards of the hole are extremely narrow, with the hazard left and a large maple tree and bunker right. Your work is far from over, as this green is the trickiest on the course. For best results stay below this hole if possible.

Hole #16 - Par 4

A simple hole as long as your tee shot finds the tree-lined fairway. The green is relatively flat, with a bunker guarding the left side. The only real trouble here is missing the fairway or missing the green long or left.

Hole #17 - Par 4

Hole 17 is a slight dogleg left. The keys to playing this hole are to first find the tree-lined fairway and then control the distance on your second shot to a very shallow, two-tiered green that is protected in the front with bunkers. Shots overshooting the green could find the hazard that lies behind the green.

Hole #18 - Par 4

The final tee shot of the day leaves the longer hitters with a tough decision: go for the green or play it safe and lay-up. The lay-up is the prudent play here. A mid-iron off the tee will take the three fairway bunkers that border the left side of this fairway out of play. A second, relatively short shot will get you to the green, but requires precise distance control. Out-of-bounds borders the entire left side, with a lake bordering the right. The two-tiered green is protected by bunkers on the left, pond on the right with out-of-bounds long. This is a fun finishing hole where low numbers and high numbers can easily be made.

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