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October 22, 2019 – April 4, 2020

Why do humans feel the need to decorate and embellish what they wear? Our upcoming exhibit Sparkle explores the different ways how and reasons why Rentonites have worn embellished clothing. Come see 1920s flapper dresses alongside the more sedate fashions of wartime. Think about who wore these clothes and what message they were trying to project. Sparkle draws on our own rarely-exhibited textile collection. Come be dazzled by Renton's history!

People of the InsideDuwamish Native American Jennie Moses, ca. 1907Generously funded by 4Culture, People of the Inside tells the story of the Duwamish before and after White settlers came to Renton. Become acquainted with the Moses family, the last Duwamish to live on their ancestral land of the banks of the Black River, and learn about the Duwamish today. The exhibit features all new artifacts and photographs to better illustrate Renton's Duwamish history.


Early Industries ExhibitsThree coal miners underground in Renton Coal Mine, early 1900sRenton Co-operative Coal Company tells the unique story of a group of miners in Renton who came to this country searching for better lives. The second exhibit features two of Renton's other early industries and the people who built them: Denny-Renton Clay & Coal and Pacific Car & Foundry (PACCAR). The exhibits were created with grant funding from 4Culture. 

Sustaining A City
Frisch's Lighthouse Drive-In menu, ca. 1940

Come learn about Renton’s unique growing, cooking, and eating traditions. Renton citizens have shared our foodways, from Duwamish fishing and gathering through German bakeries and Italian wine-making to chain restaurants and supermarkets. Sustaining A City helps the visitor understand how sharing food has bridged differences between diverse people.

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