Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch
1055 South Grady Way
Renton, WA 98057

Brochure Cover: Neighborhood Watch ProgramA Neighborhood Watch Program is a group of people, living in the same area, who want to make their neighborhood and community a safer place to live. By working in partnership with local law enforcement, this program can assist in reducing crime and improving the quality of life for everyone.

Good communication includes tips, tools and taking an active role in reporting suspicious and criminal activity. It enables community members and the Renton Police Department to plan coordinated action when needed, and have resources on which to draw in challenging times.

Focusing on direct communication between police officers and community members can provide a sense of support to law enforcement, as well as give the community an understanding that police aren’t just faceless uniforms. This partnership can create a supportive and collaborative platform that benefits everyone.

Security Assessments

The Neighborhood Watch Program can provide guidance regarding the security of a home, no matter its size or shape. The resources and tips provided during this assessment can be used to increase the safety of your environment and reduce opportunities for crime.

Education & Prevention

A Neighborhood Watch meeting provides important crime prevention information that will help deter criminal incidents from occurring in a residential community. It can also help define existing and potential challenges to reach an informed action plan with viable solutions.

Strength in Numbers

There is strength in speaking in a unified voice, whether it’s to your local police department, city officials, or state legislators. Working in numbers strengthens a community when combating crime and reduces the burden that any person feels they may need to carry for the group. Fear can be paralyzing, so reducing isolation is an extremely important element of Neighborhood Watch.

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